Sarah-Emmanuelle Ruest (she/they)

Sarah-Emmanuelle is devoted to establishing spaces for emerging artists to connect, collaborate, grow and explore their unique ideas and individualities through her extensive experience as a producer, event curator, creative strategist, and multidisciplinary creator. Passionate about the intersection of arts and business culture, she finds meaning in collaborating with artists across industries and through various mediums, bridging the gap between individual and collective success. With a focus on queer representation and a people-centred approach to filmmaking, she ultimately intends to transcend creative boundaries through her work and foster community in everything she does.

When she’s not producing with Underscore, Sarah serves as the Director of Programming for BONAFIDE, hosting a perpetual series of scheduled immersive events and educational workshops highlighting artists across a variety of mediums, practices and underrepresented forms of expressions.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Marketing Management from the University of Guelph, as well as a certificate in International Business from the Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Science. She has also earned certificates in Love as a Force for Social Justice and International Women’s Health and Human Rights from Stanford University. 

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