Mia Ines Rivera (they/she) 

Mia is a multidisciplinary filmmaker who roots her practice in storytelling. Their interest in film began as an editor which naturally connects her to the narrative first. In recent years, she has learned the art of production design which she implements into her work as a director. Whether it’s a 6 second spot or a 30 minute doc, their need to understand the elements of filmmaking from a hands on perspective allows them to weave a story together. Her intention in the film medium is to de-stigmatize conversations surrounding sex, gender, and cultural identity – all of these which have traditionally served to inhibit our spaces but are integral to our society’s progression.

Mia has a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media production from Humber College, as well as an AEC/DEP in Film, Fashion and Transmedia from VIA University Denmark. 

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