Halle Hirota (she/her)

Halle Hirota is a Toronto-based multimedia artist specializing in portrait photography. She works in film and digital media as well as creative direction. Over the past year her work has expanded to installation work, as well as experimenting with different methods of print including wood transfer, cyanotypes, and fabric printing. Halle’s works feature a vast range of subjects in stylized portraits, aiming to create ethereal images to immerse her audience in an imaginative world. Her conceptual work heavily revolves around femininity and sexuality, specifically pertaining to preconceived notions of nudity and censorship guidelines.

Since she started photographing her peers in 2016, Halle has hosted multiple galleries to establish a platform for female and non-binary artists in Toronto and has spent two years abroad working with creatives in Berlin. She is constantly pursuing new mediums and subject matter to expand her creative audience. 

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