Dukkie Squires (he/him)

Dukkie sees in colour and consequence; he works in shadow and truth. His camera is his tool and his companion; his sword but also his shield, his leash and his paddle, his other and his better. He draws from culture to construct a visual vocabulary which transcends traditional modes of seeing, filling the gaps of his own visual experience. Slick with candour and hot with passion, his work seeks to ensnare, bring the awareness to a boil, and leave a reduction of only the purest aesthetic understanding; a taste of his vision of purity.  

Being an “other” is the unspoken embodied fundamental to his work. Primarily image-based, his art practice is largely influenced by his identity, investigating the internet as a transformative tool, performance as embodiment, as well as Black cognition and imagination. Dukkie lives his process through uninhibited expression, creating and projecting realms of his own design.  

Based in Tkaronto/Toronto, Deion holds a BFA in Photography from Toronto Metropolitan University (FKA Ryerson).

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